Taylor’s Bookstore – J.D. Taylor

One of the several styles of the Taylor cards

James D. Taylor operated a printing shop and bindery located on Queen Street, Charlottetown in the late 1890s. By 1901 the operation had been moved to the Morris Building on Victoria Row (Richmond Street), across from the Charlottetown Post Office. At that time Taylor added a book and stationery store to the operation and sold a wide variety of goods, among them souvenirs of Prince Edward Island. He was a member of the committee for the P.E.I. Development and Tourist Association when it was formed in 1905 and was later a member of Charlottetown’s City Council

By 1907 he had added postcards to his stock.  The book store was later re-located to Grafton Street and continued until 1930 when the temporary closure was announced although printing and binding operations continued for a number of years.  Taylor died in 1940.

Although operating as a printer it is highly unlikely that Taylor was responsible for the production of any of the cards he sold.  Like other retail sellers he appears to have ordered cards to be printed in his name from time to time and from a variety of printers.  Styles and card backs from the cards bearing his name have much in common with those supplied to other retailers.

Winter service back detail
Detail from type 1 card back
Detail showing card number – type 3

Several types or styles can be recognized in the Taylor cards. One of the largest series carries 4 digit catalogue or serial numbers preceded by the initials J.D.T.  Known cards range from numbers 2573 to 2622 although this is not likely a continuous series. Other cards bearing Taylor’s name are un-numbered.

The card listing is organized with cards with no location listed first followed by cards in alphabetic order by location and finally by the numbered cards.

As always information about other Taylor cards is welcomed.

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