Catalogue of R.F. Maddigan Postcards

Steamer Landing at Victoria, PE
S.S. Harland at Victoria

For an outline history of Maddigan postcards see this page. As a grocer Maddigan clearly did not print or design the cards and likely ordered them from a variety of sources. One clue as to the unidentified printers can sometimes be found in the card back design.   To date eight different back types have been identified and are detailed in the catalogue listing. It is highly likely that one of the suppliers was the Pugh Manufacturing Company as several of the Maddigan cards have numbering in the XXX-XX format used by Pugh. Even when the same image is carried by a Pugh and Maddigan card the numbers are different.

While it is generally not possible to ascertain how many cards may carry the Maddigan imprint missing numbers in the Pugh-type numbers are suggestive of where gaps lie.

Catalogue –

RF Maddigan Dec 2018