Illustrated Catalogue Lists of Prince Edward Island Postcards

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Example page detail from PEI listing for Warwick Bros. & Rutter

At a distance of a century or more it is extremely difficult to determine just how many postcards of Prince Edward Island were published before the Great War.  With some images being used and re-used by several publishers and printers cards may look alike but come from different printers, often with no differences in the output.  Only a few postcard publishers provided information such as number series which makes it easy to catalogue cards. In addition business records of these publishers is, for the most part, unavailable or have been destroyed.

A number of large national publishers have been the subject of books, several of which provide checklists or listings of cards, usually arranged by province.  In other cases the books cover theme or subject areas such as patriotic cards.

One of the most prolific of these authors is Mike Smith who has published volumes on Patriotic Postcards as well as on publishers Warwick Bros. & Rutter, McCoy Printing Company, W.G. MacFarlane, Stedman Bros., and postcard photographer Reuben Sallows. Several of these volumes contain sections listing P.E.I. cards.  Information about these volumes can be found here.

Smaller local publishers are often given little attention by collectors and I hope to provide more information about these publishers, both through blog entries and this catalogue information.  Images in these listing come from my own collection but have also been gathered from public collections, other from collectors and auction and sale records. Accordingly the quality of the images and the availability of information on card backs varies. In some cases, especially where only a front image is available, cards numbers or other catalogue information may not be available.

Where a publisher card number is available the cards are listed and shown by card number, otherwise they are normally listed by community and by image title.

These listings are in PDF format and require a PDF reader such as Adobe Reader.  Files can be quite large and may take time to load.

I am interested in any information or images which can be added to these pages as well as any errors or omissions.

Publishers listed

Carter & Co.

Haszard & Moore (in preparation)

R.F. Maddigan

Pugh Manufacturing

Rumsey & Co. Ltd.

Taylor’s Book Store – J.D. Taylor

Warwick Bros. & Rutter


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